I love to be dazzled by a divey diner. Not every diner had the ability to do this. In case you need examples of how a diner can quickly go from a “do” to a “don’t”:

A) You see the kitchen’s line workers picking at orifices without using proper follow-up sanitation.
B) You need to use the unisex restroom because they only have that one option and the line workers, some Big Bob, or Bubbly Bertha think that the floor to ceiling brown tiled, drippy faucet comfort room is their own private throne room.
C) You start coughing from Ervin, the server’s third hand smoke.
D) You pull a hair from your pancake after already having consumed the first half … Yes that happened to me at the famous Pancake Pantry in Nashville.
E) Your can tell what a previous customer’s ate by looking at your silverware.

Now are a bit concerned about diner dining, I’d like to let you know that I didn’t experience any of the above when I took a special somebody out for a brunch date Monday morning. There was just that one unisex bathroom that resembled the facilities at a truck-stop, but that’s to be expected when you walk into a place that hasn’t been renovated since opening in 1981.

While deciding to dine at a diner one must also remember that renovations remove charm, and charm is second only to the fare at Page’s Restaurant. You may be wondering, “What gives Paige’s Restaurant charm?” Don’t worry, the list of examples is more inviting than my previous list ; ):

A) The walls are full of pictures from Hinsdale’s past.
B) The regulars are on a first name basis with the servers. I know this because my friend told me to mention her family if I went back because they are more than just regulars. I don’t think they even need to order, their food probably just appears.
C) There is a big counter to sit at in the center of the restaurant or you can choose to take a more cozy approach to brunch by sitting at a booth.

Again, I am bummed that I didn’t take enough pictures, but I didn’t want to offend my date. It’s on next time. Snap click snap! I hope that the image of the Hawaiian Pancakes is persuasive enough. They sure tasted great even though the peaches came from a can.

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