I absolutely LOVE Big Bowl, a fresh Chinese and Thai restaurant.  It is a very small chain that I first went to in Edina, MN.  Other restaurant locations are in Chicago and Virginia, while Minneapolis and St. Louis, MO offer Big Bowl Chinese Express within a few select grocery stores.   

I quickly became addicted to their Pad Thai.  After becoming a loyal customer for a few years they tweaked the recipe, but not too much.  After leaving for college I'd look forward to flying home for the holidays.  This is because Big Bowl was on the way home( or way back to the airport with mom if dad picked me up and neglected my BB craving). Of course, I also wanted to see my family.    

I should say that Rey Azteca fit hte bill just as well. It's a Mexican restaurant with magical "white salsa" that's surely as addicting as crack cocaine. We'll have to wait for a trip to MN before 
I can report on their greatness.

This is my go to appetizer.  Thai Herb Calamari: not too much breading, not frozen, and faintly spcicy dipping sauces. 
Chicken Pad Thai!  Don't forget to squeeze the limes over the top!
Vegetable Pad Thai with tofu.

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